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Going to a theme park, restaurant, zoo or traveling somewhere?
Now you can protect your investment when you have to leave your stroller unattended. These cute companions will secure your stroller & grant you peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most, your kids!

buggy guard panda
buggy guard froggy

Panda BuggyGuard

Froggy BuggyGuard

Deco Black buggy guard
orange deco buggy guard
Heart Deco Buggy Guard

Black Deco BuggyGuard

Orange Deco BuggyGuard

Heart Deco BuggyGuard


Fits all strollers - Strap and Go! That means it’s interchangeable with all your strollers (jogging, umbrella, deluxe) & no tools required
Easy Coiling - Push button retractable cable. No more cumbersome thick cables impossible to weave through object & recoil back into shape

Strongest & Longest Retractable Cable - New technology aircraft stainless steel 2.4mm 4 1/2 foot long cable

Combination Dials - You don’t have to worry about losing your keys. Set-your-own combination for personalization and easy recall

Vinyl-Coated Cable - to prevent scratching your buggy

Compact - Doesn’t interfere with your buggy’s versatile opera- tions, seat removal and collapsing of stroller



Ways to Lock


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We discovered the Buggy Guard at a recent trade show we went to. Over the years, we have gotten many inquiries from parents about something to lock their strollers up to protect them from theft. We never found a product that we liked until we saw the Buggy Guard. Created and owned by a wonderful husband and wife team, they made a stroller lock that is easy to use and fun for kids. We love the adorable panda bear and monkey! The Buggy Guard is perfect for families traveling to Disney World and nervous about bringing their expensive strollers for fear of them being stolen. Instead of bringing an uncomfortable stroller (for you to push and your baby to sit in), go ahead and bring your Uppa Baby, BOB, Bugaboo or Baby Jogger without fear! It is easy to use and a great way to protect your investment. And the best part is that the Buggy Guard has a lifespan even longer than when your little one outgrows the stroller - my eight year old now uses one as her bike lock! Talk about bang for your buck!

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